Privacy, Safety, Cleanliness measures 

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we would like to assure you that we boost our hygiene standards following all the measures and guidance from the Greek Ministry of Health, the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection, the European instructions, and the World Health Organization.
We are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and keep updated to all the guidelines available at the utmost level.
Greece and Mykonos controls and faces successfully and very accurately the COVID-19 and this is acknowledged by worldwide known mass media.

Super Paradise Suites is a totally safe hotel destination due to the following important facts:

    • It is composed of 44 private rooms & Suites, each one with its own balcony/terrace
    • all materials are sterilized: linens / furniture / mattresses / utensils, etc.
    • guests can have their meal or drink in privacy in their own balcony/ terrace or room
    • room service is free of charge
    • all mini-van transfers are private
    • antiseptic liquids are offered in all the public areas of the establishment
    • doctor-on call

We follow the strictest protocols of hygiene and cleanliness in:

    • the cleaning process of rooms and private areas of the hotel, for safety reasons our housekeeping staff is not entering your room. In  case you need new towels or linen, please contact the reception and we will assist you.
    • washing and drying linens, kitchen and restaurant equipment
    • food preparation, drinks preparation
    • food and drinks storage
    • food and drinks service
    • staff personal and professional hygiene

For rooms reservations:

    • Flexible payment & cancellation policy is applied due to these circumstances
    • Greece has the least virus cases in Europe and worldwide while Mykonos has very few cases.
    • Make your reservation and cancel free up to 7 days prior to arrival
    • Flexible Payment terms
Super Paradise Hotel
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